About SNAP Path to Work

Helping SNAP clients find and keep a job.

In today’s competitive workplace, SNAP clients can quickly fall behind. They want to work but lack the skills, training, and experience required to land a job. That’s where we come in.

SNAP Path to Work connects clients with providers to help them realize their job search goals. Many companies in Massachusetts are ready to hire, but workers need the skills and training assistance you can provide to contend for available jobs.

Employment and Training Services include:

  • Education: Prepares SNAP clients for the job market by helping them obtain the proper education, reading, and writing skills needed to compete.
  • Vocational Training: Helps SNAP clients develop new skills in synch with job market requirements, so they have skills employers want.
  • Job Search Training: Teaches SNAP clients how to search for a job and develop the tools they need to be successful, including resume help, interview skills, career testing, and more.
  • Job Search: Assists SNAP clients with the right connections to help them find and secure a job.